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Sarojini Bishi

Sambalpur: Both country and state politics are in full swing for the general elections. Two more phases of elections are left in the state. For this, the central leader is focusing on Odisha. Central leaders are coming to Odisha for campaigning. Among them, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswasarma preached in Sambalpur today. Assam Chief Minister has targeted the state government in the meeting organized here.

Hemant said that the election is being fought on the basis of Ashmita and Swaviman. There is no government in Odisha without Pandian. In the 5T things that are mentioned here, T means Tamil Nadu. If the election is lost, BJD will break. Himant said that those who have self-esteem will not be in BJD.

BJD government has outsourced Odisha property. Mahapabhu has hidden the key to Shri Jagannath’s treasure. In Odisha, there is no one in the government without Pandian. There is no chief minister here.Pandian has captured everything. Assam Chief Minister said Naveen Babu has been captured.

No one knows how the Chief Minister is doing here. Naveen Babu is reading what Pandian Babu is writing. I am a chief minister, no one has the courage to hold the mic and speak to me. I can talk to everyone alone wherever I go. But Naveen Babu cannot talk without Pandian here. Naveen Babu is the only Chief Minister of the country who does not speak alone. We have to remove Pandian and elect the Chief Minister of Odisha. Himant said that BJP government will be formed in Odisha.

On the 11th, Pandian left for Tamil Nadu and many things will be revealed. In addition, the Assam Chief Minister openly said that Naveen Babu Pandian will cry if he talks to Odisha media for 10 minutes alone without him. On the other hand, BJD has not received any response regarding Himant’s accusation.

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