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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Only two days left for general election 2024. That’s why political parties with all states are moving. The preparation is now in the final stage. However, in order to make the current single general election transparent, fair and impartial, the administration of Khordha district has taken extensive measures. The preparation of NY district administration has reached the final stage. The EVMs to be used in the elections have reached the strong room at BJP Autonomous College from the market in Khordha. These EVMs have been brought here under tight security. It was kept under 24-hour security and armed police personnel guarded the strongroom. In addition, CCTV has also been arranged.

According to the information, after the first round of randomisation, EVMs for Jayadeva, Bhubaneswar North, Bhubaneswar North, Bhubaneswar Ekamra and Jatni constituency have been brought here. Video recording will be done from today till the counting of votes. This recording will remain for the next 3 to 4 months. Strong rooms will be double checked. The District Collector said that additional EVM and VVPAT machines are available as required. In Khordha district, the sixth phase means election will be held on May 25.

It should be noted that there are 1907 booths in Khordha district, while there are 111- Jaydebar, 112- Bhubaneswar, 113- Bhubaneswar North, 114- Bhubaneswar Ekamra, 115- Jatni constituency and 1666 polling station. Out of these 1666 polling station, 658 booths are in urban areas and 508 booths are in rural areas. EVM and VVPAT are kept under strict security. There are two strong rooms for each constituency on 5 floors. There is a strong room for one Lok Sabha and another for the assembly sector. Representatives of various political parties have also been arranged to stay near this strong room for 24 hours.

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