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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: After a full stop in the Ment discussion, there is a lively discussion about Sambalpur Samarovreja. Heavyweight leaders of BJD and BJP may come down from Lok Sabha Maidan. The party may nominate BJD organizing editor Pranab Prakash Das against Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. In this case Sambalpur will be in focus in twenty four elections. Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan is on a frequent visit to West Odisha. Dharmendra can be seen everywhere, be it government or party programs. Dharmendra has already said that he will contest Lok Sabha elections from Odisha this time. Dharmendra will contest direct elections for the first time after losing in 2009. Even after becoming the Union Minister, this will be his first trial by fire. Even though the candidate of BJP has not been announced, Dharmendra has signaled many times about contesting from Sambalpur. BJP performed well in West Odisha in the last election. This time BJP will get a big boost in the West if it Contestant from Sambalpur. In 2019, Nalinikant Pradhan of BJP lost from Sambalpur to BJP’s Nitesh Gangdev. The margin of victory was only 9,162. BJP has its own vote bank in Sambalpur. So it is said that it can be a safe seat for Dharmendra. Since the BJP central leadership has not announced Dharmendra’s name for the Rajya Sabha, it is certain that he will contest from Odisha.

. It is said that BJD’s powerful Pranab Prakash Das can challenge Dharmendra. Even though the candidate has not been announced yet, BJD is making a special strategy to organize the organization. BJD is preparing Chakravyuh to somehow stop Dharmendra’s victory chariot. Earlier, Bobby has been appointed as Sambalpur district inspector of BJD. Bobby is in direct contact with people. Five-T Chairman Kartik Pandian also visited Sambalpur and is preparing the field. Whether it is the Maa Samaleswari project or the development of health and sports infrastructure, BJD will play the development card in Sambalpur.

From 1998 to 2009, Prasanna Acharya was MP from Sambalpur Lok Sabha seat. Amarnath Pradhan from Congress won in 2009 and Nagendra Pradhan from BJD won in 2014. However, in 2019, BJP’s Nitesh Gangdev fought. Sambalpur Lok Sabha Constituency consists of Kuchinda, Rengali, Sambalpur, Redhakhol, Devgarh of Devgarh district and Chendipada of Angul and Athmallik assembly seats. BJD has occupied 4 out of 7 seats while BJP has occupied 3 seats. So there will be a tough fight between the two teams in the twenty four matches. On the other hand, PCC president Sarat Pattanayak may contest from Sambalpur from Congress. In Sambalpur Lok Sabha, which was once the stronghold of Congress, now the organization of hands is weak. Whether the Congress will take advantage of the BJD-BJP clash this time will be watched.

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