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Curfew noise in Balasore for 4 hours, Internet service available only on landline phones

Sarojini Bishi

Balasore: The curfew that has been going on for an indefinite period in Balasore following the incident between two groups has been relaxed today. The curfew will be imposed for 4 hours today, District Magistrate Ashish Thackeray said. There will be noise from 7 am to 11 pm. In addition, internet service will be available only on landline phones.

The first phase will provide internet services to commercial establishments including banks. A decision for public internet service will be taken later. Similarly, the administration has said that schools, colleges and Anganwadi centers will be closed for the next two days. Efforts are being made by the district administration to bring the situation back to normal.

While the situation in the city is now under control, efforts are being made by the police and the administration to resolve the group conflict. It has been informed by the District Collector that a decision will be taken on the curfew after analyzing the current situation. However, the police have arrested 34 people and tried them in seven cases of violence. Besides, more than 30 people have been detained in different police stations of the city due to violation of curfew law.

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