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Congress protests across the country due to irregularity in neet-neet!

Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: Congress is constantly attacking the Modi government regarding irregularities in first NEET and then NEET exams. On this issue, the Congress will protest across the country today. Leaders and workers of the Congress party will protest in many parts of the country. Congress will protest in Bhopal regarding NEET, nursing corruption, paper leak, paper leak of various exams of Madhya Pradesh. Many leaders will participate in this protest along with Digvijay Singh, Jitu Patwari. There will be agitation by Congress in other states of the country as well.

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor termed the practice of paper leaks as ridiculous. In addition, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked the Modi government on Thursday. Rahul said that there are continuous paper leaks in India and Narendra Modi is unable or unwilling to stop it. BJP-ruled states have become centers of paper leaks and education mafia laboratories. The BJP government is playing with the future of the youth by destroying the education system. It will never happen to India’s allies.

Rahul also claimed that people of BJP and RSS have occupied the educational centers. Until this situation is changed, incidents like paper leaks will not stop. On the other hand, Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan held a press conference yesterday and discussed the paper leak issue. At this time he said that students are the future of the country. The welfare of students is our priority. There will be no compromise. Whatever has come to light is being investigated. As the Minister of Education, I take moral responsibility for this matter. We are ready to improve. No criminal can be forgiven.

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