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China is increasing its nuclear weapons at a rapid pace, the world is worried

Sarojini Bishi

Beijing: China is increasing the number of its nuclear weapons at a fast pace. Others, including neighboring countries, have expressed concern about that. The information in this regard has been revealed in a report published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. China has prepared 90 nuclear bombs during the year. Now China has 500 nuclear bombs. 2100 ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons have been deployed in different parts of the world. Which is considered a cause for concern.

After the Cold War, the nuclear weapons rivalry slowed down. Now it is growing at a fast pace. The United States is still in the lead in making nuclear bombs. By 2024, America has 5544 and Russia has 5580 nuclear bombs. After the Russia-Ukraine war, nuclear weapons are being developed. The report mentioned that if all countries are not careful from now on, we will invite a danger.

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