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BSKY will be closed in the state, Ayushman scheme will be implemented: Manmohan

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: The Parliament Party will decide who will be the Chief Minister. As soon as the government comes, we will do what we promised. Manmohan Samal has given his response that we will implement the Ayushman scheme, we will open the four doors of the temple.

Manmohan Samal has reacted after BJP’s huge victory. He said, bringing change in Odisha was in the mind of the people. This election belonged to the common people, they were fighting. We fought for the independence of Odisha against the corrupt regime.

He also said that the BSKY scheme will be closed in the state and the Ayushman scheme of the center will be implemented. Manmohan said that there were few facilities for the people in the BSKY scheme, while the Ayushman scheme will expand the health services.

After defeating Chandbali in the same way, he said, “I accept the blessings that the people of Chandbali have blessed me with.” I will take the responsibility that is found.

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