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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: In fact, the people of Odisha were voting for Naveen Babu, but now Naveen is not ruling in Odisha. The people of Odisha are unlikely to see Naveen Babu, party leaders and ministers are not even getting a chance to meet him. I was an MP of BJD, but I did not get a chance to see Naveen Babu or talk about any issue of central fabric development. After him, it is very difficult to talk to someone who thinks that he is the self-proclaimed successor. MP and actor Pereep Mohanty said in the press conference that the honor of Odisha soil cannot be protected by the hands of a foreigner.

Mr. Mohanty said, “I have never sold my head, nor will I sell it.” I have promised myself that I will not leave Odisha’s Asmita in anyone’s hands. Despite being an MP from the BJD party, my file was lying in the District Collector’s office for months. I was not being made to work for Kendrapada. When people of Odisha and Kendrapada asked me where I went during Corona, I could not give an answer to anyone. Because BJD called me and refused to go to people. My father has suffered for 16 years because of the aggressive behavior of the BJD government. You may be saying that I was in the government, why couldn’t I do anything? Because I have never abused my power. Shri Mohanty said that the complaint brought by BJD in 2021 against my father is completely false.

BJD’s idea of going on a pilgrimage to honor the elderly is nothing more than public spectacle and propaganda. BJD government has no respect for senior citizens. BJD works before elections and praises itself. They want to hijack Odisha with false praise. BJD has decorated me criminally. A local news media broadcasted in my name for 5 years. The case of lying is being reported knowingly. BJD is abusing the power of the government. The leaders of BJD for whom I have worked hard have never helped me in times of trouble. A non-bailable warrant was issued against me and they conspired to prevent me from campaigning for the BJP. The people of Odisha have already taken their decision and this time the change will be sure. Shri Mohanty said that the development of Odisha will be accelerated under the BJP government.

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