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Being criticized, now everyone will remember Hardik for his brilliant bowling..

Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: A few days ago, AI was criticized as the captain of Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Hardik Pandya was criticized everywhere be it social media or media. But the way he bowled in the last over in the World Cup final and brought the team back to victory will be appreciated by those who see it.

Team India all-rounder Hardik Pandya broke down in tears after scoring the T20 World Cup winner against South Africa on Saturday. With a spectacular performance, India defeated South Africa by 7 runs and ended their 11-year long defense of the ICC Trophy Cup.

BCCI editor Jai Shah was seen hugs Hardik after India’s win at Kensington Oval. After the victory, captain Rohit Sharma also gave Hardik a happy kiss.

It has a lot of meaning. Very emotional, we have been working very hard and nothing was going right as India lost to Australia in the final of the fifty-over World Cup match. But today the whole country got what it wanted. The strangest thing for me was how I spent the last 6 months, I didn’t say a word. “I knew that if I keep working hard I can perform well and do whatever I can,” Hardik said after the win.

This champion team of 2007 won by 7 wickets this time too. The target for South Africa was 176 runs but the Indian bowlers could not get ahead.

Hardik became the captain of Mumbai. But the team’s performance was so disappointing that Hardik was widely criticized. Pandya, who was criticized from inside and outside the team, is no longer shining in his face. But the way he bowled in the last over of the final match of the World Cup by keeping himself calm and patient is nothing but baa baa.

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