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Appreciation of the new Chief Minister’s decision to allow journalists to enter the Secretariat

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: After the Mohan government, restrictions on journalists were removed. After 4 long years, media representatives have entered the Lok sabha Bhawan and Odisha Secretariat. After the removal of the restrictions, the press house was full of joy and praised the decision of the new government.

After 4 long years, the media has entered Loksabha Bhawan without any admonition or restrictions. The BJP government in the state has opened the doors of the secretariat for journalists within two hours of swearing in. Special arrangements were also made for journalists. The journalist was escorted by a bus to the Public Service Building from the Information and Public Relations Department. On entering the secretariat, everyone was very happy and excited.

Since March 2020, journalists have been barred from entering the Lok sabha Bhawan. After the coming of the new BJP government, Chief Minister Mohan Majhi gave immediate permission to enter the Lok Sabha Bhawan. This was his first step after taking oath. This initiative of the new BJP government has been praised in the media. Due to Covid-19, the previous government restricted the access to Lok Sabha Bhawan. But the journalist was given permission to enter Lok sabha Bhawan within a few days of swearing in the new government.

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