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And the dreaded Japanese encephalitis, four outbreaks were identified from Angul

Sarojini Bishi

Angul: Japanese encephalitis (JE) panic has appeared in Odisha again. 4 people from Angul district are suffering from this disease. The health department has started an investigation. A four-member team from the health department has visited Angul to find out the circumstances under which the virus spread in Angul and what is its real cause. They will collect information about malaria in the district.

According to information, two patients have been identified from Kosala and Bantala areas. After the detection of JE infection, preparations have been started by the district health department. However, due to the risk of this disease spreading due to pigs, investigation is going on in different areas. District Chief Medical Officer Shivananda Mohanty says that there is no reason to panic due to vaccination for this disease.

It is worth noting that in the state in 2012, JE created terror in Malkangiri district. 24 children died in this disease. Apart from this, more than two hundred people were sick. Later, the reason was searched by RMRC. It was known that people are suffering from this disease because of mosquitoes.

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