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After 2 months, the restrictions were lifted, from today the fishermen will go to the sea

Sarojini Bishi

Paradip: Hatilla Cuts. After 61 days, fishing has started from today. Fish fishing in the sea was closed for 61 days from April 15th to June 14th due to the proliferation of fish. After lifting the restrictions, the fishermen, who have been sitting with their hands and legs tied for two months, are in a hurry to catch fish.

Today they have started preparations for the sea journey with their own boats. Usually they spend up to a week in the water so the fishermen keep their essentials like diesel, ice, drinking water, rations etc. in the boats.

It is worth noting that the breeding season of fish in the sea begins just two months before the arrival of monsoon. These restrictions are imposed due to the increase in fish stocks. This is done every year. Fishermen lose their livelihood during these crackdowns.

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