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a special kind of date palm is growing in Rajasthan which works as a medicine for health

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       A few years ago, the production of dates was not possible in Rajasthan, but  after the efforts of the scientists of the Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Kajri and the hard work of the local farmers of Rajasthan have brought spring in the desert. Many gardens laden with red dates can be seen in some areas of western Rajasthan.

The climate of some region of Rajasthan is considered favorable for date palm cultivation. Date palm cultivation is now becoming very popular in western Rajasthan. This variety of dates ripens quickly and is available in the market during the rainy season. The farmers farming date palm are very happy, this time too there is a bumper yield, red colored sweet dates are being sold at reasonable price. Most of the dates sold in India are imported from Gulf countries. If this date project in Rajasthan is successful, then there will be no need to import dates in future India.

           This type of dates ripe from the orchards of Rajasthan. Known for its nutritious properties. This date is full of nutritious elements because it is not cooked in any cold store or factory with any chemical or technology, rather it reaches the market directly after being cooked naturally on the trees. This not only keeps the stomach, heart, nervous system fine, the body also gets a lot of energy. Eating dates prevents many diseases. Dates have higher calories than many grains like wheat, rice. Stomach-cleansing fiber, many essential vitamins, minerals, and plenty of folic acid keep your body healthy.

The network project on dates is going on in Anand, Bikaner and Jodhpur, the results of which are also encouraging. Its gardening is good and profitable for the farmers. Due to high consumption of dates in India, it is imported. If its production increases in India then country need not to import this.


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