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A special drama on the subject of children sexual abuse, ‘Thirty Days of September’ is staged

Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Under the banner of Institute of Knowledge Societies, a play of different flavor based on an important issue like children sexual abuse ‘Thirty Days of September’ has been staged at the local Bhanjakala Mandapatha. This play has given a special message to the audience of different age groups and has come back with a special message. The play is an orthodox adaptation of the original English play ‘Thirty Days in September’ by Mahesh Dattani, a well-known Indian dramatist. Dr. Satyabrat Rout has translated it into Odia language and directed it.

Odisha State Commission for Children Right Protection chairperson Mandakini Kara and social worker Rosalin Pattshani Mishra attended the program as guests. They congratulated the sponsoring organization for organizing such a play and said that the original message of ‘Thirty Days of September’ needs to be brought home.

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