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Sarojini Bishi

Bhubaneswar: Now the police will keep a close eye on the election news. The accused who spread false news will not be found anymore. This time social media will be monitored by the special cell of Crime Branch. NY Crime Branch IG Safin Ahmed K has been given responsibility. As election nodal officer, the IG will monitor social media and fake news and take action against it.

According to the information, during the elections, the crime branch has been given the responsibility to check the truth and influence of the social media and propaganda related news of the state and take appropriate action. This cell has been monitored from the cyber building in Bhubaneswar. 10 to 12 IT expert police officers have been employed in this cell. DSP rank officer Sampad Das has been given the charge of this cell.

Apart from this, DPO cells have also been opened in SP offices of all districts. Cyber Bhavan will be in touch with this DPO with special monitoring cell. 3 to 4 police officers with IT experience have also been assigned to the DPO to monitor the daily news coverage of their district.

From TV breaking news to social media news posts, keep an eye on environmental news in daily newspapers. If the news is very sensitive as it affects the election, it will be deleted immediately. This cell will also be connected with Facebook, YouTube, X, Instagram, WhatsApp and various service providers.

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