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A famous player from an unknown village

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journey from the Village playground to the hockey Olympiad playground..

The date was 2nd August of 2021. For the very first time in the history of Olympic, the Indian hockey women team performed spectacularly in the Tokyo Olympic. The Indian women hockey team had entered to semi final by defeating the three time champion Australia at 1-0 in the Tokyo Olympic. The vice captain of Indian women’s hockey team or the lady Dillip Tirky of hockey, Miss. Deep Grace Ekka, 27 year old tribal girl, she came into the limelight.

She was born in the Lulkidhi village of Sundargarh district of odisha. She started playing hockey in the school and was coached by Tej Kumar Xess. This village is located in the telsara Tehsil of Sundargarh district in Odisha. Coming from a remote village of Sundargarh district, Deep Grace Ekka is two time champion and one of the best hockey female player that India has ever produced.

Deep Grace Ekka was born in a poor family and she was discouraged from her village people, despite of struggle, she was successful and got a recognition in the hockey. Deep Grace Ekka used to play hockey by using a Bamboo stick and a ball made by torn polythene in her childhood & she used to practice that in the village playground. She has mentioned that, the journey from my Village playground to the Olympic ground is still unbelievable. She was awarded with Arjun Prize, not only this land has produced a player like Deep Grace Ekka. Before her, this land has produced many players. Despite of struggle and vicious cycle of poverty, strong dedication and will power of people has made them success.

This remote village of Sundargarh has produced many players like Dillip Tirky & Ignes Tirkey. In the year 2003, Ignes Tirkey was awarded with Eklavya Prize, Arjun & Padmashree respectively in the year 2009 & 2010. It is a very fortunate thing as well a very proud moment for all of us.

At the same time, the father of Deep Grace Ekka, he was also a hockey player. Due to lack of opportunities & family financial crisis and all he didn’t make a very blissful future in hockey. Likewise, Nilima kujjur, Mukta Bala etc. More girls have established their name in the field of hockey. This land of Sundargarh is proud to have these player & this land will produce more players in the future too.

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