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Sarojini Bishi

New Delhi: Various schemes have been implemented by the government for girls in many states of the country. The aim of these schemes is to give good education to girls and build a bright future for them. For the past few years, the Delhi government is also running such a scheme. Which is called Delhi Ladli Yojana. Under this scheme, the government is depositing some money in the bank account in the name of the girl. Those who have a daughter in their family can apply for this scheme.According to the information, those whose annual income is Rs 1 lakh can apply for the scheme. For this it is necessary to stay in Delhi for at least three years. That means if you have lived in Delhi for three years and have a daughter then you can apply for this government scheme. For this you have to register your daughter at the nearest district office or women and child development department within one year of her birth. If a girl child is born in her home, then the Delhi government will deposit Rs. If the girl child is born in a government hospital or maternity home, the government will deposit 11,000 rupees in the account of the girl child. After that, the government will deposit another Rs 5000 in her account when the girl goes to class VI, class IX and class X. After that, after

the girl passes 10th and enrolls in 12th, another 5000 rupees will be deposited in the account. Finally, after the girl turns 18, all the money deposited in the account can be withdrawn with interest. In total, the government deposits about 35 thousand rupees in the account of every girl in this scheme.

To apply for this scheme, there is no need of income certificate issued by MCD, any single identity card can be used. Only 2 girls in the family will get the benefits of this scheme. There is no application fee for this scheme.

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